Students from Colorado College led by Dr. Emilie Gray out of Colorado Springs, CO took an extended 2-week field trip to the Salton Sea region. They used the research center as their base. The photo below shows the director of UC Irvine’s Salton Sea Initiative, Dr. Tim Bradley with the students at the Salton Sea.


The course covers ecological and socio-economic topics and is focused on a major and crisis-stricken feature of the southwest: the Salton Sea. While emphasis in this course is placed on theoretical and practical learning in the natural sciences, it includes various other important topics which encompass overarching themes of human interactions with nature and sustainability. Topics include the history of the sea, water laws, socio-economic and health impacts of the crisis on local populations and engineering solutions. Many of these topics involve meetings with local stakeholders in the Salton Sea region.

student shadows student in canoe


Student playing ukulele on research center wall

Students talking on wall research center

Students having fun