Borrego Springs is now considered nationally one of the best hawk watches for photography.

Hal Cohen of Borrego Valley Hawkwatch is optimistic about this year’s return of the hawks due to the large amount of precipitation, which will lead to flowers, which leads to caterpillars, and then hundreds of Swainson’s in spring.
The Borrego Valley Hawk Watch is looking for volunteers to help census hawks during the 2017 spring migration in the valley. The highest concentrations of Swainson’s Hawks in San Diego County are seen here every spring, and counts are conducted daily during the count period. Please view the link to the blog below (click “home” if you do not get a complete screen) to see what it is all about. Anza-Borrego Foundation and California State Parks are sponsors of this event.
For further information and details, contact any of the following persons (remove the spaces in the email addresses below to contact them)
Hal Cohen (Hawk Watch leader) raptorhal3 @ gmail. com
Ashley Kvitek (Anza-Borrego Foundation) Ashley @ theabf. org
Gina Moran (California State Parks) Gina.Moran @ gov
Thank you,
Bob Theriault