A travers hike from Yaqui Pass over the crest of Yaqui Ridge to Pinyon Ridge reveals sweeping vistas into the desert and east towards the Salton Sea. To the north, you can see Coyote Mountain, the Santa Rosa ridge, San Ysidro Mountains, as well as the Borrego valley and the reserve. And to the south one can see Grapevine Canyon, Yaqui Flat, the Pinyon Mountains, San Felipe Valley and Whale Peak, Sunset Mountain, as well as Granite Mountain (Photos: Sicco Rood).

 One of the last remaining Pinyon pines on Pinyon Ridge. 

The Park put in Bighorn sheep guzzlers using a water catchment and cisterns to give bighorn access to get water where they used to be able to get water before the settlers came in and used up the nearby springs.